About Animation and VFx Industry

The Indian gaming, animation and VFx industry currently stands at $890 million with over 100 organizations working in the field. Foreign studios and filmmakers are approaching Indian specialists to get the job done. Hollywood studios are being acquired by Indian VFx studios. It is needless to say the potential for talented game, animation and VFx developers is proliferating each day. Skilled individuals can work in production houses to produce full length movies, videos, games, web designs and so on.

Over the years, we have nurtured so many young talented digital artists who have sheer dedication towards learning animation course. With a world class animation, Vfx and game designing and multimedia training course, we emphasise on the creative process shown by students instead of teaching mere technical proficiency. This is what sets us apart. This philosophical approach to multimedia training helps our students shine from the rest of the crowd.

Career prospect for an animation, game developer and VFx specialist is vast provided the individual must work hard. An aptitude for creative mindset paired with effective storytelling is the basic requirement for any individual aspiring to succeed in the industry. We mentor our students in such a way that develops required aptitudes and skills to fast track their career path in the challenging and ever-changing market. After acquiring adequate knowledge, individuals can work for renowned Disney, Sony Pictures, Turner Entertainment etc. who outsource services from our country itself! Apart from the international companies, the growing number of local studios present great opportunities for a successful career.

Our course content ranges from teaching Adobe Creative suites including Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, Cascading style Sheets. Curriculum is prepared as per Animation and VFx Industry growth to develop motion graphics artists, 3D modelers, Texture artists, Storyboard Artist, compositing and numerous other in demand skills. If you have aspiration to set out your career in this challenging Animation and VFx industry, best animation training institute in India will mentor you with all the right attributes to get your career soaring high.

The Indian Media and Entertainment Industry reached 1,50,000 crores in 2017, which is almost to 13% growth when comparing to 2016. Based on these report by 2020 it will reach to 2,00,000 crores. For this vast growth Animation and VFx Industry is one of the main reson. Why beacuse Animation and VFx Industry growth percentage is almost 25.

Animation and VFx industry is on boom and witnessing a surge in its growth like never before. With the increased digitization, the animation industry is expected to be one of the driving sectors of world’s economy. The question that arises what is this Animation and VFx all about? The mixing of the actual shootings by the film industry with images and slides. This is the role of Animation and VFx industry. The special effects which you see in any of the animated films is the VFx (Visual Effects).

The most exciting part about Animation and VFx is that it is even available the masses. There are different courses available at Fx Animation to learn more about these Animation and VFx Industry. In fact you will also find immense YouTube videos about Animation and VFx Industry but you would be lage about practical knowledge. So join in Fx Animation courses to gain good knowledge in Animation and VFx Industry and get job in any Animation Studio. In India more than 350 studios are there. Because of Indian Studios only Indian media and entertainment industry report is growing.

Real Time Usage of Animation and VFx Industry

Animation and Visual effects became a mandatory feature in all major movies and video games. As the user base is increasing for animation industry, the demand for 3D Animation and VFx is going to increase. In the present day whether talking about the film industry or the gaming industry everywhere Animation and VFx is used. Any popular game that you get across is all about the Animation and Visual Effects only. The entire media and entertainment industry is following the trend of Animation and Visual Effects. Anything you may consider a blockbuster movie, games like Pubg, Clash of Clans, Games of Thrones, etc. Any digital content you find trending in the market is using Animation and VFx.


According to a latest report by Research and Market, the industry is pegged at US$ 254 Billion. According to the industry report, the games market is projected increase US$ 270 billion by 2020. The scenario of Animation and VFX industry in India is analogous to that of world. According to KPMG India-FICCI report, Indian Animation and VFX industry achieved a growth rate of 17.2 percent in 2018. It will continue to maintain that rate in coming years.

The main drivers behind the sector’s growth include deep internet penetration and mobile devices. There was an increasing demand for high visual movies from movie watchers. Therefore, nearly 20-25% of production cost on a movie is spent on visual effects. The industry is not limited to few online video streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar etc,. Even websites like YouTube and Facebook had adapted to the new user demands.

The next segment of Animation and VFX industry is Video gaming across all digital platforms. The global video gaming industry is currently estimated to be US$ 92 Billion. This industry too had major stakes in Animation and VFX industry development. This is because it requires more graphical content for Virtual Reality and cloud based games in the coming decade.

There was a paradigm shift in the working of this industry with regard to Indian context. Indian Animation and VFX industry had switched from traditional outsourcing model to own intellectual property and co-productions model. This will give further boost to the sector in future. Mainly 3D Max, Maya, After Effects, Nuke softwares are used in the Animation and VFx industry.

Is Animation and VFx are same?

Commonly used as interchangeable words for each other, there does lies difference between Animation and VFx. Half of the population thinks these 2 processes to be same. In fact, uses 1 for the other or both the terms together as a single process. But, it is not so. There isn’t any minor but very significant difference between the two.


In a layman’s language animation is nothing but a photography technique. What animation actually does is brings into motion a series of images/ pictures clicked or graphically represented. This is what happens in the animation studio, bringing the pictures into virtual reality. The animation software is the main tool of the cartoon and television industry. you will find innumerable animation softwares in present days. but, the question is all of them worth it?

Let us have a look at some popular animation softwares:-

  • 1.3D max
  • 2.Maya
  • 3.Light wave 3D
  • 4.Z-Brush
  • 5.Mudbox
  • 6.VRay
  • 7.Blender

Different animation techniques are:-

  • 1.Traditional Animation
  • 2.Full Animation
  • 3.Limited Animation
  • 4.3D Animation
  • 5.2D Animation
  • 6.Stop Motion Animation


VFx the short form of visual effects is the actual mixing of the animated images with real life shooting. It is also known as CGI (Computer Generated Imagery). It is the task of bringing the real life shooting and the animated images into real live action. This is what happens in the media and entertainment industry; particularly the gaming and film industry. Movies or games especially with the robotic is the task of VFx. It is only with VFx that any digital content can be brought to live action.

After Effects and Nuke are the two common softwares used in the VFx industry. Apart from these 2 other popular VFx softwares include:-

  • 1.Fusion
  • 2.Mocha
  • 3.Silhouette
  • 4.Smoke
  • 5.Houdini

Different Visual Effects techniques are:-

  • 1.Matte painting
  • 2.Tracking
  • 3.Green screening
  • 4.Compositing
  • 5.Rotoscopy
  • 6.Stereo

Graphic designing is one main skill required for becoming an Animation and VFx Artist. It can also be taken with this perspective that some of the software in Graphic Designing is the master tool for the Animation and VFx industry.

Job Opportunities

The Animation and VFX industry is expected to maintain its sturdy growth rate. It promises good career opportunities for those who have a knack in creativity, designing, art and programming. World’s major companies in the field like Pixar, DreamWorks Animation and Blue Sky studios are expanding their presence globally. Career opportunities in this industry include various roles like Layout Artist, Compositing Artist, Lightening Artist, Matte Painting Artist, Matchmove Artist etc.

Professionals working in this industry are one of the highly paid across the world. In India, a fresher in visual effects industry earns an average salary of 30,000 per month. The figures will be much higher for visual effects artists. At global level, the average annual salary of a VFX game developer is approximately US$ 75,000 and US$ 93,000.

Besides having a regular job one can also do freelancing. If you are well equipped with required skill set in all the Animation and VFX softwares, you can easily opt for freelancing. The pay for animation content will be attractive and here in gig economy.

the demand for animation and visual effects is never going to fall. it will be increasing day by day. So, what are you waiting for? Join us today in Fx Animation and build your career in the visual market. Grab the most of it with 100% Placement Assistance. The professional visual reality is waiting for you!!!!