Modern Techniques of Animation with FAAP

Advanced Animation Program (FAAP) is a process to generate animated images. It is generally used to create motion in images. Modern computer Animation mainly uses 3D Animation, that is, 3D Computer Graphics. The Animation is divided into 5 categories, which are as follows:-

•Traditional Animation- In this type of animation the paper is fitted on a peg by the animator with the help of a pencil and then a drawing is made on a transparent piece of paper.

•Stop motion– It is mainly used to create an illusion of movement of an image photographed.

•Motion graphics- It is mainly used in making videos, that is, for the camera motion.

•Computer animation in three dimensional- It is used for generating three dimensional images on computer.

•Vector based two dimensional animation – It is a traditional animation and used as computer vector animations.

Course Structure


Career Options
after FAAP Course

form 2
  •   Layout Artist
  •   3D Modeling AArtist
  •   Texturing Artist
  •   Lighting Artist
  •   Rigging Artist
  •   3DAnimator
  •   Rendering Artist
  •   Game Designer
  •   Dynamics Artist
  •   CG Modeler
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Softwares covered in FAAP

photoshop Autodesk Maya
form 3

FAAP Course Durations

  • 6 Months


  • 10+2 /Diploma/Graduation/PG