Film FX and its rising opportunities

Special effects often abbreviated as FX. These special effects are visual effects or illusions created in theatre, television, movies and video games, where the imagined events are simulated in a virtual world or story. VFX or visual effects are the way to mix false or animated images or clips with the real film shooting. There are many career opportunities in Film FX as it is one of the booming courses in the present world. Some of the career opportunities in Film FX are as follows:-

Film FX
Course Structure

  •   Stereo Artist
  •   Video Editor
  •   Pre-Visualization Artist
  •   Compositing Artist
  •   Roto scoping Artist
  •   Wire removing Artist
  •   Title Artist

Career Options
after Film FX Course

form 2
  •   Video Editor
  •   Motion Graphics Artist
  •   VFX Artist
  •   Roto Artist
  •   Paint Artist
  •   Stereo Artist
  •   Matchmove Artist
  •   Tracking Artist
  •   Compositor
  •   3D Compositor
  •   Pre-Visualization Artist
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Softwares covered in Film FX

photoshop Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe After Effects Nuke
form 3

e-Publishing Course Durations

  • 9 Months


  • 10+2 Graduates/ Undergraduates